Odd Little Creatures

‘Odd Little Creatures’ is a derivative project created paying homage to Oddities, made by Gremplin in partnership with MoonBirds.

There are 5719 Odd Little Creatures, so they are not 1-to-1 with the Oddities collection. You’ll find some familiar traits from the original collection, but not all of them. There are 4 species: Rat, Bird, Toad, and Bat.


Instant reveal (Remember to refresh metadata on OS).

Mint Price Ξ 0.009

Please use best minting practices: Never mint from a wallet with high valuable assets.

If you want to learn more about wallet safety, check my wallet setup here.

If you can't see the minting dapp, you might have to enable third-party cookies, or disable ad-blocker or leave incognito mode.

4k Version

Download your Odd Little Creature in 4k using this link:


Paste to your browser and change the “0” to your Odd Little Creature number.

Procedural Textures

Creates unique NFTs, the same trait will have different but similar visual output.

Here are examples of the traits, ‘Head: Muscle’, ‘Species: Bird’ and ‘Body: Black’.

You’ll also notice that the Mist in the background is procedural and unique for each NFT.

3D rendered

Each NFT is individually rendered in 3D, so no Photoshop layers, which means all the materials interact with transparency, lights and reflections.

More Info

Art only, no roadmap. 

There are a few new traits to be found.

4 Epics for each species. (Slime, Dust, Nightbreed, and Bugged).

NFTS are 1080×1080 pixels. The 4k version is available for download here in the website. (I manually upload as they are minted)

Why 5719? It’s just a bunch of odd numbers…

XRTHXR will mint the first 100 for giveaways. (No rares or epics here). 90 already given away!!!